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miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Actuazalicion / Update

Nuevas actualizaciones / New updates 

rev. 80

* tdolpqry.PRG
! memo filed now is not affect by PadR, thanks Ariel

rev. 81

> tdolpqry.PRG
! fixed bug in fieldput using HASH, nos is fixed... Thanks Alejandro
! fixed bug in VerifyValue is a wrong nPadR value, nos is fine... Thanks Gabriel

rev. 83

* minor fix in GetBlankRow(), reported by Gabriel, thanks


* tdolpqry.PRG
- discontinued internal error ERR_NOTHINGTOSAVE 9017, is not functional 
+ METHOD UnDo( cnField ), to revers original value for specific num/field name, if is empty cnField, will affect all field 

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